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About Tribble

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Tribble is a a stand-up comedian, host and radio personality. She is the creator, producer and host of P Power Radio, a podcast that shares the stories of revolutionary millennial women and the history of the world they are working to change P Power Radio has featured a range of women artists, activists, entrepreneurs and bosses from Chicago and beyond, and was listed on as 1 of 5 Black Podcasts to Have in Your Arsenal. Tribble emcees live events including a monthly womyn’s panel called Chit Chat with the Cliche’ Collective and trivia nights for Whaddayaknow Trivia Chicago, performs stand-up comedy at venues and curated events regularly, and appears monthly on Chicago Public Radio station Vocalo, as a panelist on The Morning AMp. Tribble is an outspoken advocate for Black liberation and women’s rights, and supports and advocates for the LGBTQI community in Chicago and beyond.